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Dog Memories at Thanksgiving

We’ve had so many dogs, and have loved them all. Here are some special Dog Memories at Thanskgiving:

Misha (Siberian), our first. He won the Novice class at an obedience match over forty-one other dogs, his third time in the ring, with a completely novice handler (me).

Tikka (Siberian) won her first two championship points with the same inexperienced handler …

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A Dog-Blessed Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the usual things: life and good health, a wonderful husband and family, our dogs, and all the blessings I’ve received over the years. I’m grateful for you, my readers and followers. And I’m also grateful for the memories. Here’s a special one.

It all started innocently enough, at eleven in the morning, with a …

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Is Your Dog a Show Dog?

You may believe that your dog is show quality for the following reasons:

(1) He’s gorgeous.
(2) He’s “AKC.”
(3) The breeder said so.
(4) You paid a ton of money for him.

Any or all of the above may indicate that your dog is indeed special . . . or they may mean nothing. Let’s look at them, one …

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