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Obedient Husband

2-ekg-bette-isacoffDo you have an obedient husband like mine?

I was almost halfway through my night shift when the phone rang at the Nurses’ Station. None of us jumped to answer it, because a call at that hour could only be one thing–an admission. No one wanted it. We enjoyed (most of) our patients, but a new one meant an arduous …

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Do Opposites Attract?

At seven in the morning of our first Saturday at home as newlyweds, I felt a gentle shaking of my shoulder. I forced an eyelid open.

My beloved was leaning over me, beaming. “So!” He chirped. “What do you want to do today?” My internal clock assured me it wasn’t “today” yet.

“What time is it?” I muttered.

“Seven!” He …

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The Love of My Life

We hear it all the time, from every woman who thinks she’s found THE ONE.

“He’s the love of my life!” she gushes.

The only problem is . . . she hasn’t had a life yet.

In the first blushes of romance, many things can blind a woman to reality. The man’s on his best behavior; the sex (if they’ve …

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The Well-Trained Husband

IMG_20141214_011319704I have a well-trained husband. I did not realize how well-trained until this morning.

Some years ago, I thought it prudent to teach him Dr. Phil’s two stock responses to whatever wife Robin threw at him: “Yes, dear,” and “I love it.”

My Richard internalized these guides to safe living almost immediately, but today I found out how deeply ingrained …

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The Considerate Husband

It is our habit, on Saturday mornings, to go to Dunkin’ Donuts for poppy seed bagels (toasted, butter on the side) and coffee (Richard gets black; mine is 1/5 French vanilla or hazelnut to 4/5 hot water, extra light with milk, and 3 Sweet’N Lows). To the purists among us, yes . . . that should be Sweet ‘n’ Lows, …

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Secrets from a Marriage

A wife should not yell at her husband, or argue with him, or nag him. If you think I mean that we should be doormats, read on.

When Richard and I were newly married, I quickly discovered that he was neat and clean without being fussy-fastidious. In other words, a joy of a husband. Except, that is, for his socks.…

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The Things We Do for Love

No one who knows me will phone before noon, or drop in before noon, or ask me to do anything before noon. I do not function in the morning.

At around 7:30 a.m. today, my beloved shook me awake rather brusquely. From deep within my cave of covers, I snarled an uncharacteristic “Go away!” and flipped over.

“No, really,” he …

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