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The Well-Trained Husband

IMG_20141214_011319704I have a well-trained husband. I did not realize how well-trained until this morning.

Some years ago, I thought it prudent to teach him Dr. Phil’s two stock responses to whatever wife Robin threw at him: “Yes, dear,” and “I love it.”

My Richard internalized these guides to safe living almost immediately, but today I found out how deeply ingrained …

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The Considerate Husband

It is our habit, on Saturday mornings, to go to Dunkin’ Donuts for poppy seed bagels (toasted, butter on the side) and coffee (Richard gets black; mine is 1/5 French vanilla or hazelnut to 4/5 hot water, extra light with milk, and 3 Sweet’N Lows). To the purists among us, yes . . . that should be Sweet ‘n’ Lows, …

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