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Dog Memories at Thanksgiving

We’ve had so many dogs, and have loved them all. Here are some special Dog Memories at Thanskgiving:

Misha (Siberian), our first. He won the Novice class at an obedience match over forty-one other dogs, his third time in the ring, with a completely novice handler (me).

Tikka (Siberian) won her first two championship points with the same inexperienced handler …

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“Why Do We Need Guard Dogs?”

This question came into my website today. Let me differentiate, immediately, between guard dogs and attack dogs. No one should have an “attack” dog, ever. Guard dogs are trained to protect, not menace.

First, a personal story: We lived (until 2014) for twenty-five years in a small town in The Berkshires of Massachusetts. Our property consisted of eight acres, and …

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