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Designer Dog Breeds–Part 1

Certain breed crosses, especially between the Labrador Retriever and Poodle, are being touted as valuable, desirable, and expensive. You wouldn’t think that “expensive” should be a feature of any saleable product, but there is an appeal to the ego involved when it comes to these so-called designer dog breeds. The labradoodle is generally pictured as an adorable dog with the …

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Should I Get an Attack Dog?

The answer to this complicated question is simple: not now, not ever.

An “attack dog” is an animal who, either through an accident of genetics or intentional (and sometimes unintentional) training, is on the offensive. This translates not to a sense of security for the owner, but to unpredictability and instability in the dog. In other words, a danger to …

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Through a Dog’s Eyes

When we bring a new dog into the house, we usually have that love-at-first-sight response – an instant connection, whether it be a puppy or an older pet. But what is the animal’s experience? Let’s ask:

“Scary. Very, very confusing. One day I am at home among family whose quirks I know; the next I am in a totally new, …

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