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The Dog Crate . . . Canine Chamber of Torture?

IMG_20151104_103619421-2For every dog-related problem that a crate could solve, there is a dog owner somewhere refusing to use one.

“It’s cruel to lock dogs up like that,” you hear. “They should be free.”

Free to trash your house? To gnaw on furniture, carpeting, shoes? To do their business wherever the urge strikes them? To annoy house guests?

These are people …

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The Pet Supplies Store Halloween Scam

file4511240703908As evidenced by a recent TV commercial, one big chain has launched The Great Pet Supplies Store Halloween Scam. And it’s been unleashed on YOU.

Have you seen it yet? A young girl in holiday costume is accompanied by a dog also decked out in trick-or-treat attire.

She rings a doorbell. A woman answers, gives the dog a treat, and …

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Shaving Your Dog’s Coat


There are several different types of textures on dog’s fur, but in a general breakdown there are two coat types; single coated and double coated. A single coat means that there is only a top (or over) coat that grows all over the body with no different undercoat. Breeds such as Shih …

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Dog Memories at Thanksgiving

We’ve had so many dogs, and have loved them all. Here are some special Dog Memories at Thanskgiving:

Misha (Siberian), our first. He won the Novice class at an obedience match over forty-one other dogs, his third time in the ring, with a completely novice handler (me).

Tikka (Siberian) won her first two championship points with the same inexperienced handler …

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A Dog-Blessed Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the usual things: life and good health, a wonderful husband and family, our dogs, and all the blessings I’ve received over the years. I’m grateful for you, my readers and followers. And I’m also grateful for the memories. Here’s a special one.

It all started innocently enough, at eleven in the morning, with a …

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He Is Who He Is

Yankee has settled in nicely. We have not changed his name.

“Enke” morphed into “Spenky,” which works just fine to differentiate the two dogs in their minds.

Over the years, we have had numerous dogs–mostly show dogs, but all pets first. Some came to us as puppies; others were older when we got them. Often, we renamed them.

Enke arrived …

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Do Veterinarians Have a Secret?

How old is your dog? How old is your veterinarian?

What, you are asking, does one have to do with the other? Plenty.

Do veterinarians have a secret? One that they’re hiding from you, perhaps at the expense of your dog?

You know how people are with their newborns. Every red, wrinkly baby that comes scowling and bawling into the …

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One Mistake Beginner Dog Trainers Make

If you’re new to training, you may inadvertently confuse your dog.  Here’s an example of one mistake beginner dog trainers make:

I watched my neighbor, a girl of sixteen, trying to teach her dog to go over a makeshift jump in her backyard.

Around in circles the two would go, without stopping, hopping over the low bar each time. Once, …

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Is Your Dog a Show Dog?

You may believe that your dog is show quality for the following reasons:

(1) He’s gorgeous.
(2) He’s “AKC.”
(3) The breeder said so.
(4) You paid a ton of money for him.

Any or all of the above may indicate that your dog is indeed special . . . or they may mean nothing. Let’s look at them, one …

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