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The Dog Crate . . . Canine Chamber of Torture?

IMG_20151104_103619421-2For every dog-related problem that a crate could solve, there is a dog owner somewhere refusing to use one.

“It’s cruel to lock dogs up like that,” you hear. “They should be free.”

Free to trash your house? To gnaw on furniture, carpeting, shoes? To do their business wherever the urge strikes them? To annoy house guests?

These are people …

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One Mistake Beginner Dog Trainers Make

If you’re new to training, you may inadvertently confuse your dog.  Here’s an example of one mistake beginner dog trainers make:

I watched my neighbor, a girl of sixteen, trying to teach her dog to go over a makeshift jump in her backyard.

Around in circles the two would go, without stopping, hopping over the low bar each time. Once, …

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“Why Do We Need Guard Dogs?”

This question came into my website today. Let me differentiate, immediately, between guard dogs and attack dogs. No one should have an “attack” dog, ever. Guard dogs are trained to protect, not menace.

First, a personal story: We lived (until 2014) for twenty-five years in a small town in The Berkshires of Massachusetts. Our property consisted of eight acres, and …

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You Too Can Create a Nuisance Dog

You too can create a nuisance dog. You might be doing it right now. You probably don’t even know you’re doing it. Are you inadvertently training your dog to be a pest?

Scene 1: You are getting Fido’s dinner ready. He is barking furiously. You hurry up and get his food into the bowl and give it to him so …

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Train a Vicious Monster Dog

This disturbing question appeared on my website recently: “How do I train my dog to be a monster and very vicious?” Do you really want to train a vicious monster dog? Before you answer, allow me to tell you a story.

Years ago, a man walked into the first night of my beginner obedience class with his two young sons …

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The Dreaded “Choke” Collar

IMG_20140430_155430970The illustration at right demonstrates the proper application of a training collar, assuming that the dog will be kept on the handler’s left side in classic heel position.

Many dog obedience instructors are currently advocating a harness or buckle collar for training, instead of the more traditional metal collar, often erroneously called a choke collar. Let’s take a look at …

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There’s No Excuse for Not Training Your Dog

There’s no excuse for not training your dog. Besides making him easier to live with, training lets the dog know what’s expected of him, gives him a sense of security, and shows him where he fits in his family. But many people don’t take the time, or expend the effort, to train their dogs. Here are some reasons–none of them

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