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Dog Memories at Thanksgiving

We’ve had so many dogs, and have loved them all. Here are some special Dog Memories at Thanskgiving:

Misha (Siberian), our first. He won the Novice class at an obedience match over forty-one other dogs, his third time in the ring, with a completely novice handler (me).

Tikka (Siberian) won her first two championship points with the same inexperienced handler …

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He Is Who He Is

Yankee has settled in nicely. We have not changed his name.

“Enke” morphed into “Spenky,” which works just fine to differentiate the two dogs in their minds.

Over the years, we have had numerous dogs–mostly show dogs, but all pets first. Some came to us as puppies; others were older when we got them. Often, we renamed them.

Enke arrived …

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Should I Get an Attack Dog?

The answer to this complicated question is simple: not now, not ever.

An “attack dog” is an animal who, either through an accident of genetics or intentional (and sometimes unintentional) training, is on the offensive. This translates not to a sense of security for the owner, but to unpredictability and instability in the dog. In other words, a danger to …

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