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Obedient Husband

2-ekg-bette-isacoffDo you have an obedient husband like mine?

I was almost halfway through my night shift when the phone rang at the Nurses’ Station. None of us jumped to answer it, because a call at that hour could only be one thing–an admission. No one wanted it. We enjoyed (most of) our patients, but a new one meant an arduous …

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For Cancer Victims, Survivors . . . and YOU

014-54309We bonded, at work, over keys and chocolate. Every morning, she’d need the keys in my possession; I’d crave the chocolate she always carried. At first it was simple fair trade, but then the harassment started. We held our treasures hostage. We joked and bullied our way through what was, for me, the end of a shift and, for her, …

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Get the Car You Deserve? Since When?

What has happened to our relationship with the companies who supply our goods and services? So many TV ads emphasize that we, the consumers, “deserve” their product. Since when, and why, do I deserve a particular car, or mattress, or . . . ?

There was a time when we dreamed and dared to hope; now we deserve and dare …

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Do Opposites Attract?

At seven in the morning of our first Saturday at home as newlyweds, I felt a gentle shaking of my shoulder. I forced an eyelid open.

My beloved was leaning over me, beaming. “So!” He chirped. “What do you want to do today?” My internal clock assured me it wasn’t “today” yet.

“What time is it?” I muttered.

“Seven!” He …

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Shoe Fad

Several years ago, as an RN in my fifties, I was caring for a much older woman in the hospital. My assistant was a new, very young nurse.

Because the elderly patient had dementia and wouldn’t understand, my partner felt emboldened enough to observe, “Ugh! Look at her disgusting, old-lady toes!” They were gnarled and misshapen, with menacing-looking, semi-groomed nails.…

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The Love of My Life

We hear it all the time, from every woman who thinks she’s found THE ONE.

“He’s the love of my life!” she gushes.

The only problem is . . . she hasn’t had a life yet.

In the first blushes of romance, many things can blind a woman to reality. The man’s on his best behavior; the sex (if they’ve …

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Talking in Your Sleep

Are you guilty of talking in your sleep? I suppose you can’t know unless you have someone there with you.

It’s just about four in the morning as I write this. I was in bed for the night, but I’m up now.

At around three, I awoke to hear myself saying “What?” I swore I was answering a question from …

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Do You Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

Recently, I had the dreaded knee replacement surgery. Ironically, I’d spent fifteen years as an orthopedic nurse, specializing in the care of–wait for it–post-operative hip and knee replacement patients! So I knew the deal: the pain, the limited mobility, the feeling of something foreign in my leg. Or so I thought.

I was not having day-to-day pain in my knees. …

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