Star Crossed by Bette Isacoff

StarCrossedIsacoffcoverHer parents said, “You’re marrying a seventeen-year-old Jewish high school student? 

His parents said, “You’re in love with a twenty-one-year-old Catholic senior in college?

And then the fun began . . . .

Slip into New York City’s legendary Playboy Club with Bette and (underage) Richard.

Enter the devious mind of her two-timing psychologist.

Gasp as one of Richard’s pals fires tear gas at a rival suitor.

The two managed to keep their young love hidden through clandestine post office boxes, dates in out-of-the-way places, and a small group of loyal friends sworn to keep their secret. But the secret came out in the worst possible way, when their engagement announcement appeared in the local paper a week early . . . exactly one week before Richard planned to tell his parents! Eventually, family feathers were smoothed, but the couple still worried. Did his school Principal and her college President read that same newspaper?

Share their concern as they hide their love from those administrators who could expel them.
Cheer for the housemother who winked and looked the other way.

They were always on the run from someone.
But then, who could catch this couple in his Jaguar XKE? It’s a hell of a ride!

“Highly recommended” – Midwest Book Review

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Star Crossed by Bette Isacoff (press release) (read an excerpt)
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