Star Crossed by Bette Isacoff


“Highly recommended” – Midwest Book Review

StarCrossedIsacoffcoverHer parents said, “You’re marrying a seventeen-year-old Jewish high school student?”

His parents said, “You’re in love with a twenty-one-year-old Catholic senior in college?”

And then the fun began . . . .

Bette, on a student-teaching assignment, meets Richard in the teachers’ lounge. Seven weeks later, they’re engaged

Share their concern as they hide their love from school administrators who could expel them, and cheer for the housemother who winks and looks the other way.

Richard and Bette manage to keep their unlikely romance hidden through clandestine post office boxes, dates in out-of-the-way places, and a loyal roommate sworn to keep their secret. But that secret comes out in the worst possible way, when their engagement announcement appears in the local paper a week early . . . before Richard has worked up the nerve to tell his family!

While the couple see their love as special and meant to be, not everyone is supportive. The two face outraged parents, scornful siblings, snickering friends, legal obstacles, and uncooperative clergy.

But their youthful optimism thaws the hardest of hearts and, in the end, they win over the most skeptical naysayers and critics.

Star Crossed is a touching memoir of humor, heartbreak, and hope.

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Star Crossed by Bette Isacoff (press release)
ISBN-13: 978-0-6157-5281-5 | $16.95
soft cover | 6 x 9 inches | 208 pages